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We are San Diego. We Vote.

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How to Change Walmart: The Story of the Black Friday Strike

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So, by now you’ve heard that Walmart workers are walking out on strike on Black Friday. Here’s a quick primer on why they’re striking.

Let’s start with the basics. Walmart is the largest private employer in the world. They help set labor standards for almost every country on earth.



This Poster will not…but will you ?



Occupy poster available for free download on Propaganda Times.



Oy…where’d my eye go?

Eye problems

Created with

Wilfred Jackson’s “The Little House”

This is the inspiration for a piece that I am working on right now.



Mitt’s Co-Option

You know all that fair share messaging, that we, the 99%, have worked so hard to organize around? Yes, I’m talking about that unique messaging that brings folks together for the good of their communities. Well guess what? Mr. 1% himself is trying to co-opt that messaging. When you hear the phrase “Share of the Tax Burden,” that is Mitt’s way of hiding that while taxes may go up for the joe and josephine shmoe’s of the world…they will stay the same for the 1 or 2%. It ain’t easy being rich, I guess.

As Think Progress highlights in their 6/19/2012 article, “How Mitt Romney Uses The Phrase ‘Share Of The Tax Burden’ To Hide His Giant Tax Cut For The Rich” ( Mitt Romney is using not so new rhetoric to hide special tax rates for the super wealthy.

Reportedly Mitt stated:

the people at the high end will still pay the same share of the tax burden they’re paying now. I’m not looking for a tax cut for the very wealthiest.

But let’s do the math…

In the ten years preceding the Great Recession, the share of federal taxes paid by the richest 1 percent went up by almost 25 percent. Does that mean they suffered a huge tax increase? Not even a little. Why not? Because, over the same period, their share of total income went up by more than 30 percent! In other words, their share of income rose faster than their share of taxes. Which means they actually got a big tax cut.

Makes sense? One can profit off a bad economy, pay the same share (whatever that means) and still end up paying less than their fair share because taxes aren’t keeping up with income increases.

Note to Mitt: All we the 99% want is for everyone to pay their fair share, no tricks or schemes.



Digital Divide in San Diego?

It seems so but nothing conclusive yet, trying to get up to speed ASAP.

San Diego Is Bridging the Digital Divide with Refurbished Computers for Low-Income Families

Bridging San Diego’s Digital Divide


FCC chief, Mexican magnate highlight growth of pilot for low-income students



A vision of an alternate self

Ever so often, I have a vision of an alternative version of me. Brecht VS 2.0, software upgrades and all. She’s fearless.

In my most recent vision of self, I was a super fit bike messenger - supportive shoes and all. 



Made this for @yesigalopez with the help of Camera+

Made this for @yesigalopez with the help of Camera+



From the interwebs. I aspire to this sort of mundane, stability with my love :)

From the interwebs. I aspire to this sort of mundane, stability with my love :)